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Fire Trail

How long have you been walking? Hours? Days? Months? You've completely lost track of the time, and you decide that soon you'll need to stop for a rest. While you still feel strong and you don't seem to be too tired, your legs are weary from all the walking over uneven ground. You definitely feel as though you could go for a nice sit.

And so, as soon as you come across a mossy place where a tree has fallen, you sink into the moss and lean against the trunk of the tree. When you close your eyes, the full extent of your weariness hits you. You don't bother to tell yourself that you'll only sleep a minute (that never works...) and you only hope that no predator stumbles across you as you rest in this glade.

You haven't the slightest idea of how much time has passed when you awaken. You do, however, sense the presence of another before you open your eyes. When you raise your lids, you find that the particles of light have faded back into darkness. You also find a rather magnificent creature in front of you.

"Well-rested, I presume?" Her voice has a certain depth to it; it matches her visage. You reply that yes, you feel quite energized now.

"Good," she replies with a nod. "You cannot rest here forever, you know, and there is much more for you to see. I am Cadeiviel. Come."

She starts to walk away, and you dazedly get up, following. Studying her as she moves through the forest ahead of you, you find her to be an odd leagus indeed. She seems different than the others you've met somehow, but you can't precisely figure out how or why. And while she seems benevolent enough, you find yourself a bit intimidated all the same.

She glances back, her eyes penetrating yours deeper than you'd expected. "Do I cause you unease?" she asks.

"Not... quite," you stammer in reply, unable to phrase the oddness that you feel surrounding her.

"Not quite? I see." She pauses for a moment. "Perhaps it is my origins, then? You might have met my... parents, I guess you could say." She stops, a slight smile flickering across her face. "I am a leagus, yes. However, you could also say that I am part Wynd." You look puzzled, and she continues. "I am what is called a fusion. My traits of mytwo 'parents' were... combined, I guess you could say, and I am the outcome."

"Ah," you reply simply, and silence passes between the two of you, save for the crackling of the undergrowth.

"Ah, well, here is the proper path," Cadeiviel finally says, stopping. She guestures to a branch of the path that winds to the left. "Simply follow."

With that, she vanishes, symbols fading into the night.

You move on.



Name: Cadeiviel
Gender: Mare
Species: Leagus
Fusion of Spark of Speculation and Núra'óla'ando
From: The EverRealm


©2001-02 Victoria Hanke