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Fire Trail

Either time in these lands is very different from what you are accustomed to, or you've just lost track of it completely. Either way, as you continue down the path, the light fades and a gentle darkness is soon upon you. Clouds are nonexistant in the night sky, and the stars shine brighter than you've ever seen before. The small chirpings of nocturnal insects create a soothing song, and you feel that the coming of the dark hours on such a clear night is a fitting close to the end of a mist-filled day.

Instead of tiredness, the night brings about a new sense of energy within you. You can't help but smile as you walk along; it's completely peaceful and calming. Your thoughts drift pleasantly through your mind, and you lose track of yourself.

Conciousness of your surroundings returns as you pass the first one many rocks with glowing runes upon it. Looking around, you notice that an increasing amount of the rocks scattered around are adorned with the markings, which pulse and glow with an energy both ethereal and earthly. Before long, no rock that you pass is without the symbols.

You come to a place where the rocks are less random, and form a circle of sorts. The glow of the runes seem to pulse in a pattern, and the tall rocks are akin to silent dancers, still and yet alive. It isn't eerie as much as it is awe-inspiring.

A shadow moves towards you from outside the circle of runed rocks. He, too, has glowing markings; swirls of colors adorn his dark body, and crystal hooves and claws reflect any light that happens to reach them. His eyes, equally diamond-like, sparkle with the moon's added illumination.

The leagus stallion stops in front of you. He greets you with a slight incline of his head.

"I am Núra'óla'ando, keeper of the remaining lands beyond."

"Lands beyond?" you question.

"Indeed. This is the end of the path for you; no more creatures of Saturn's live farther on. The rest of the lands in this direction are protected and patrolled by none other than myself." He pauses, a slight smile showing. "Though, one could say that the magic in the runes helps with that as well."

You look around at the glowing runes. "What are they?" you ask the leagus.

"Ah," he replies, "they are too old and the magic is too complicated to explain in a short time... in fact, too complicated to explain in a month, had we that long to converse. But the runic power binds this realm, Saturn's realm, to the land itself. It does much more than that, but I will not bore you with the full explanation."

You are quite interested in that answer, but do not argue with the stallion.

"If you go a bit farther onwards," he motions with a claw, "you will reach the true end of the path."

With that, he turns, and you watch as his glowing markings vanish back into the night.



Name: Núra'óla'ando
Gender: Stallion
Species: Leagus
From: The EverRealm


©2001-03 Victoria Hanke