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Fire Trail

You quickly come across the path indicated by the Crystal Unicorn, and find it to be rather overgrown and narrow. Still, it's a path, and you begin to follow it.

Cheeping sounds filter through the trees to you, and you turn a bend to find a shallow depression in the earth a few feet in front of you. There are various little rocky shelters around the circle of the depression, and it's quite obvious what lives there. In front of you is a small chick.

It regards you curiously, and you return the gaze. There's something oddly familiar about the colorful chicken, and you wonder about the small saturn that hovers nearby. It's the only sign you've seen to indicate that Saturn might have some power over these misty lands.

The path continues on around the little stone structures, and you soon resume your travels.

You move on.



the Chicken
From The Roost


2001-02 Victoria Hanke