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Fire Trail

You leave the colorful tree behind. You are happy, however, to note that alongside the path runs a small stream of the silver-seeming water. The sound of it accompanies you onwards, and a certain peace enters your mind every time you glance over at it.

The sun seems to be gaining intensity, and soon you find yourself taking regular breaks to cool off your skin by splashing some of the stream's water on your arms and face. You hope that this path through the mountains leads you somewhere a bit cooler. Weren't higher elevations supposed to be cold? Hadn't there been snow back there at the start of the hills? How was it that a desert seemed to be perched among the mountain peaks?

Your thoughts are interrupted as suddenly, ahead of you appears a cave. Darkness! And coolness... you scamper ahead, eager to be out of the sun. As you enter the cave, and leave the stream behind, your footsteps are guided by faint light that trickles in.

Not too far in, you see another light... a brighter one. You move on quickly, as it's rather dark where you currently are, and you wounldn't mind being in an area where you could see a bit more. As you enter the range of the light, you realize you've entered some big cavern, and directly in front of you is water. The light sparkles off it in shades of green and blue, and a small bridge will allow you to cross over the small lake. You look up to a cliff above the water to see what causes the light, and find it is not a thing, but a creature!

The creature is the source of light. It both seems to be given off by the Wynd of Change, and is also reflected by the creature. After a few moments, the Wynd looks away from you, and you take this to be your cue to move on.



Name: Spark of Speculation
Species: Wynd of Change
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke