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Fire Trail

You carefully make your way down the path. It's hard to see when roots wind their way in front of you, as it's still dark, and now you have no glowing companion to guide you. However, going slowly and cautiously, you avoid tripping.

Until you hit an unforseen slope, at which point you fall and start rolling, building up momentum, too breathless to even scream as you plummet down.

Right as you think you're definitely going to die, you hit... something. A faint hum erupts around you as you strike whatever it is, and it feels as though you're just going to bounce right off it. However, you feel yourself break through instead. It's an odd sort of feeling, not quite as though you tore or damaged what you went through... it's almost as if you were sucked through.

You lay still, your eyes closed for a few minutes. Then, slowly, carefully, and minding your numerous bruises, you open your eyes and bring yourself into a sitting position. You're surprised to find that it's bright now, daylight. However, you have no time to ponder the occurances, as an impatient hoof stomps in front of you.

"Rather roughed up, aren't you?" She sounds amused, and there's a slight smirk on her equine face. "A lovely entrance."

You ignore the sarcasm, and ask her where you are.

"You have flown-- and yes, you did fly-- through the portal."

She knows fully well that this answers nothing, and you glare.

"How can I say where here is?" She laughs. "Here is all I know. You are in my field, specifically." A slight grumble attaches itself to her clear voice. "Though why the portal must direct all travelers here, I haven't the slightest idea. One of these days one of you is going to land on me while I'm napping. Didn't you notice the portal on the other side?"

You explain that it was dark, and you didn't.

She sighs with exasperation. "I see. In any case, pick yourself and be up as soon as you can. Path is that way." Her muzzle points the way to a stone-lined path, and with one last amused glance down at you, she canters off.

You move on.



(Autumn Blanket)
ID: 279
Gender: Mare
B. Band: Chreina'tri'yazz'darhti
Parents: P x K
Current Band: None

The Valley


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