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Fire Trail

You find yourself to be quite bruised, and your progress down the path is slower than you would like to be moving. A shame these equines don't seem to approve of being ridden, you muse to yourself. You could do with some transportation other than your feet.

"Oh my."

The friendly voice stops you in your tracks, and you look around for its source. Your eyes finally alight on a small unicorn, who nods a greeting.

"You are rather weary, aren't you, traveler? Come, rest." He tosses his head at a nearby tree, and you sink into the moss underneath it.

"Forgive me," the little stallion says, trotting a bit closer. "I am Anda'flaun, or Sugar Plum in your tongue." He bows elaborately, his eyes twinkling, and you laugh a bit. "I'm sure you managed to fall coming through that portal... all visitors seem to. And I'm sure the Crystal back there wasn't the most accomodating." You nod to this. "Well, wait right here, and rest. Doesn't bother me one bit if you choose to remain in my land until you've regained a bit of strength." He trots off, and you close your eyes until his hoofbeats return.

Upon open your eyes again, you find that Anda'flaun is standing directly in front of you, with the ends of a large leaf in his mouth. You reach out and take it from him.

"There are berries in there, they'll help you re-energize." You thank him. "I'll be on my way for now; you're quite safe here, so rest for as long as you need to." He trots off again.

After eating the sweet berries and resting, you feel much better and decide to continue.



Anda'flaun's Glory Stone

ID# 619
Name: Anda'flaun
(Sugar Plum)
Gender: Stallion
Glory: Filanasta
Class: Nai
Lineage: 576 x 476
Birth Charity: Alisha'Ishlansta
From The Silver Unicorn


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