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Fire Trail

Winding your way through the trees, your ears take in the birdcalls and small noises of the forest. The bushes along the path sprout more of the berries that the unicorn had given you, and when you find yourself hungry, you help yourself to a few of them. They're incredibly sweet, and their bright blue-purple coloration is rather pretty.

You don't get the chance to reach down to snatch a few from the next bush, however. Two creatures leap out of it and onto the path, startling you, until you realize that they're friendly gryphon whorlings.

They look quite similar, striking the same pose, but are quite different as far as other details go, namely coloration, tails, and claws. They regard you from huge eyes, and it starts to unnerve you a bit. Then, just as suddenly as they'd lept out of the brush, they leap through a bush on the opposite side of the path, the green chasing the tan, and vanish from your sight.



Name: Kireth
Species: Gryphon Whorling

Name: Kaleth
Species: Gryphon Whorling
From: The EverRealm


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