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Fire Trail

You cautiously look around, wondering if there's another patch of magic around you, and if the second you take another step, you'll be transported somewhere else. Taking a deep breath, you move forward.

Nothing happens. You sigh with relief. Perhaps there aren't any more of those patches too nearby. You walk onwards, away from the mountain, kicking up sand as you go. Perhaps there are more Stormbringer Wolves to meet, or maybe some other sort of creature...


You're smacked by another gust of magic, and go careening once more. When the world around you settles, you feel sand once more under you... but this sand is damp. Head aching slightly, you pick yourself up, and find that you're on the edge of the beach.

And, of course, you aren't alone.

She seems a bit startled by your sudden arrival, but doesn't move from where she lounges on the sand, at the very edge of the water. She blinks a few times, studying you, ear-tufts waving a bit in a slight breeze. You aren't sure whether or not she speaks your language, but she seems inclined to stay quiet.

A particularly large wave causes you to scramble backwards, and obscures your view of the Okea'Tygre as it crashes down. When the wave receeds, she's gone. Your last glimpse of her is of her dorsal fin, gliding away from the shore and back out to sea.



Name: Seabauble
Gender: Female
Species: Okea'Tygre
From: The EverRealm


2001-02 Victoria Hanke