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Fire Trail

You step forward after finding what seems to be the easiest route down the mountain. Before your foot even touches the ground, though, there's a burst of sound and light which completely disorients you, knocking you off your feet.

When everything stops reeling, and your breathing starts to slow, you feel ground beneath you and start to lift yourself up. You can feel magic around you, akin to the feeling of wind blowing around you, but entirely different. When you look around, you find that you are no longer on the mountain at all. Rather, you appear to be in the desert that you saw from the top of the peak. Turning around shows that the mountain is now some distance away, and you let out a long breath.

You continue turning, and stop quite abrubtly, blinking at the two creatures in front of you. You'd been so disoriented when you'd 'arrived' that you hadn't even noticed them, though they're only a few feet away.

The two Stormbringer Wolves look at you with some interest, and the blue-ish one soon comes closer to sniff at you. You almost fall over when he nudges you; apparently you're still a bit weak from the strange magic. The wolf looks at his companion, and you're pretty sure you see a look of amusement pass between them.

"There is much magic in these lands," the pink one speaks, startling you. Another look of amusement passes between the two, at your expense. "I am Vayrin, and this is Ethilin. In languages nearly dead, Vayrin means thunderstorm, and Ethilin means sandstorm."

The dusty blue gives a slight bow, eyes glittering. "We suggest you be cautious while journeying around. While we can quite easily sense the patches of magic that may well transport creatures elsewhere, it would seem that you don't share our knack for sensing them." His voice is a trifle higher than his friend's, and there's a hint of a chuckle at the end. "For all we know, the magic could bring you right to the jaws of a hungry, less conversational creature."

"Aye," Vayrin says, with a definite laugh. "Good luck!"

They turn, running easily over the sand, Ethilin giving one glance back. You're pretty sure you can hear chuckling drift back from them...



Name: Ethilin
Gender: Male
Species: Stormbringer Wolf

Name: Vayrin
Gender: Male
Species: Stormbringer Wolf
From: The EverRealm


2001-02 Victoria Hanke