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Fire Trail

Nerves slightly frayed from the odd magic that keeps assaulting you, you slowly, cautiously, paranoidly walk along the beach. Straining your senses, you try to 'see' the patches of magic that could send you careening into another place. Unfortunately, you aren't able to sense much of anything, and are forced to hope that you'll avoid the magic.

"Poor soul. You're about ready to go somewhere more predictable, aren't you?"

You turn abrubtly, quite startled, and find a dark leagus mare trotting up behind you. The sand muffles her footsteps, and a bright bird-like whorling slightly reminiscent of a parrot follows, and perches on one of the mare's long horns.

The leagus smiles, though there's a certain detachment to it. "I am Nydarevia." She shakes her head softly, and the whorling flares out its wings. "I call this one Brie." The whorling chirps, fluttering off the mare's horn and onto the sand. "However, I'm sure you're more concerned with getting out of here than with names, correct?" She laughs a bit, and doesn't bother waiting for a response. "Traveler, you are in luck, for you have reached the edge of the inhabited lands of this place." That's a bit startling, but you say nothing. "Of course," Nydarevia continues slyly, "there is more to see and more creatures to meet. Before I send you on your way, though, I must clear up a few things. Get comfortable, if you wish."

You rest your weary legs by lowering yourself into the sand, and the leagus continues.

"In each little 'piece of realm', so to speak, resources are limited. This one, while it has not exhausted it's resources, would begin to strain them if any more creatures came to live upon it. And so, Saturn, caretaker of the realm, has begun anew elsewhere, in a place where resources are still plentiful. In essence, it is simply a continuation of this place... but it isn't quite this place. Does that make any sense?"

You nod slowly, still trying to understand quite what she's saying.

"Directly in front of you is another patch of transportation-magic," she says, smirking slightly as you grimace. "However, this one will take you to an entirely different place. There will be more creatures to meet, and many sights to take in. If you wish to continue, simply step forward."

Having explained things as best as she could, Nydarevia stands quietly, awaiting your decision.

Step forward, and into the new realm


Name: Nydarevia
Gender: Female
Species: Leagus

Name: Brie
Species: Random Whorling

From: The EverRealm


2001-02 Victoria Hanke