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Fire Trail

The top of the mountain is nearing, thankfully. You hasten upwards, and finally, with a sigh of relief, gain the high peak.

The view is quite astounding. From the top, you can see various areas of land, each quite different... desert, forest, plains, swamp, and beyond that, what appears to be ocean.

As you gaze out at the lands below you, your neck prickles. Quite sure you're being watched, you turn around, but see no one. You look around a bit more closely, and then, with a start, make out a whorling. He blends in with the auburn rocks around him.

He regards you without moving much, not seeming particularly interested. You, in turn, study him a bit closer, taking in the extra limbs, spines, and claws on his front-most feet. An interesting creature, and probably well-suited to his rocky mountaintop environment.

You look away, and then look back to the land ahead of you. However, a second later, an indignant chirp is heard. You turn back to the whorling, but he just blinks. Looking around, you finally spot the source of this noise... the little green whorling blended in so well with the leaves of the tree it's perched in.

You admire the whorling for a few minutes, which seems to appease it. Then, when it seems content, you turn back to the land ahead. Deciding on what looks to be the easiest way down the mountain, you start out.



Name: Brinn
Species: Feline Whorling

Name: Likrii
Species: Random Whorling

From: The EverRealm


2001-02 Victoria Hanke