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Fire Trail

The slope of the ground is not very steep, and you are thankful, as your way is only lit by the stones. However, they seem to be growing dimmer, and once more, the air around you is growing brighter with the odd light-particles. Soon enough, the arcane darkness is gone, and the air is as bright as it was before you encountered the leagus mare.

The mountain continues to spiral above you as you journey upwards. It's evidently a bit taller than you first assume, and you feel a wee bit out of breath. Hoping that you'll reach the top soon, or at least find an easier path to the top, your eyes scan the area ahead.

Suddenly, an unexpected sound catches your ears, and you stop. Water? But it doesn't quite sound like running water, instead, it sounds like... splashing? You hurry on in the direction of the sound.

You find the source of the sound. Nestled against the side of the mountain, in a depression between ridges of rock, is a pond. It bubbles up from off the side, apparently fed by an underground spring. In it, splashing about, is a Kiezo flit.

She doesn't seem to notice you, but after a few moments, climbs up and out, onto the far bank. She shakes her wings to dry them off, then sits still, basking a bit. After another few minutes, you go on your way.



Name: Liradia
ID: 81f
Gender: Female
Species: Kiezo Flit
Mate: None
Birth Flight: Flight of the Planets
Parents: 15 (Ssuchu) x 5 (Kesiana)
From: Kiezo Glade


2001-02 Victoria Hanke