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Fire Trail

The breezes help you along as you traverse the windy path towards the top of the mountain. The wind whistles, and it sounds like a faintly familiar song. You almost think that there's someone walking alongside you, but the land around you is empty.

You come to a place where the rocks around you form intricate patterns; they couldn't have possibly ended up like that without some sort of person or creature arranging them. It's a large clearing, with shimmery, sand-like particles covering the ground. The rocks are a pearly silver, streaked with pinks and greens, and before you get too close, you can see patterns of swirls and circles. Once you're amongst the stones, the patterns aren't quite as obvious... but you do find that you're walking between certain stones; they form a path.

Two stones in particular catch your eye. They are on either side of the path, and seem to glow with their own light, outshining the air particles that pulse around you. You pause near the stones, and then step past them. Abrubtly, the particles that provided light in the air around you are extinguished, and the only light to guide you comes from the stones in the pattern. Glancing back, you see only darkness. How--?

"My question is the same as your own. How was this accomplished, and by whom?"

The voice is elegant and otherwordly, reminiscent of a few of the other voices you've heard along your way. Turning, you find that the species is a familiar one, though this particular creature is not.

"I came across this place quite accidentally," the leagus mare continues. "So I know not how the darkness works, nor for what purpose. However, I find it to be suitable and quite to my liking." A slight smile passes across her face, and her jade eyes glitter. She swishes her tail and resettles her wings. "I am Galadia. If you find me slighly familiar, it is because you have met Cadeiviel, and before her, Núra'óla'ando. I am the second of two fusions."

You nod, attempting to recall the names.

"There is more for you to see, and little else for me to tell you," Galadia says. "Your path will be lighted, by whatever force causes these stones to glow." With a little bow of her head, she turns, trotting away on another path.



Name: Galadia
Gender: Mare
Species: Leagus
Fusion of Cadeiviel and Shar-ena
Pri~erd: Oira Coiasira
From: The EverRealm


©2001-02 Victoria Hanke