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Fire Trail

It is with a breeze running through your hair that you continue on down the path. Leaves flutter, and occasionally color insects buzz their way across your line of sight. At one point, a butterfly the size of your fist flits down from above the canopy, before vanishing into the dense foliage.

Chitters and rustlings alert you to more creatures up ahead, so you are quite well prepared when you come across two carthawoxes.

The female, who has the darker coloration of the two, looks rather sleepy from her perch on a branch above your head. The male, a bit more alert, pauses on a lower tree-limb, looking at you curiously before stalking to the end of the branch. Both are quite lovely, and you assume that they're mated.



Name: Triawen
Gender: Female
Species: Carhawox

Name: Zillan
Gender: Male
Species: Carhawox
From: The EverRealm


2001-02 Victoria Hanke