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Fire Trail

The ground becomes more rocky as you venture farther from where you'd come across the carthawoxes. At first, there's simply an increase in pebbles. Soon enough, however, the trees must grow around huge boulders, and the path you follow winds around them. At times, the ground slopes, and you must make an effort to keep your footing.

You break free of a particularly dense area of shrubbery, and find yourself staring up a slope steeper than the rest. Shale and pebbles cover it, but you do your best to pick out the safest part, and begin to climb the slope. You climb slowly, careful not to upset your footing.

You are distracted and slip a bit when you hear a noise from behind. A blur bounds up the slope, having no problems what-so-ever with the unsettled footing, followed closely by a second shape. As they race past, simply glancing at you, you realize that they're tigons.

The two tigons are very different, one's coloring akin to the earth itself, the other's closer to the colors of wildflowers. Both quickly get to the top of the slope, and vanish. You sigh, and continue your careful climb.



Name: Ravinesand
Gender: Female
Species: Earthsong Tigon
Coloration: Ridge

Name: Floridpetal
Gender: Female
Species: Earthsong Tigon
Coloration: Meadow
From: The EverRealm


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