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Fire Trail

The cavern of the cats was around halfway down the tunnel, and you quickly walk the rest of the way. When the tunnel finally opens up into a circular chamber, you almost think that you're back where you started. However, the vines draping the entrance of this cave are not flowered, but instead have huge, verdant leaves.

A short snort from outside the cavern quickly spurs you into action, and you dart through the vines blocking the entrance. Outside, you get only a glimpse of a rust-and-snow braided tail as the creature darts into the trees.

You follow, snagging yourself on branches as you follow that tail through trees with bark like black pearl. Shiny emerald leaves strive to gain your full attention, but you keep your eyes focursed on the creature. It's surefooted and quick, though, and you have trouble keeping up. Finally, with a sigh, you slow down, losing sight of the one you persue. You hope you'll still be able to follow its path.

Wandering through the trees, you try to find traces of the creature's passing. It seems that the forest has absorbed any such traces, though, and there seem to be no physical clues left to help you track the animal. Instead, though, there is an odd aura that you sense in the air, and you follow it, quite positive that it will lead you to your quarry.

Your instincts do not lead you astray. The trees finally open up into a small grassy area, which transitions into a stone promontory. There at the edge, looking down over the landscape below the cliff, is the Crystal Unicorn with the rust-and-ivory tail.

She turns at your footsteps, and you gaze into blue eyes filled with a controlled sort of fire. One deep emerald hoof stomps. After a few moments, she gives a sigh of sorts, and turns with a little half-rear. Jumping forward, she once again escapes your view as she canters into the trees. This time, you let her go. You walk forward cautiously to where she'd been standing, and look over the edge of the cliff onto a landscape sprinkled with sparkling lakes and coves of trees, with rock formations scattered around. You decide to make your way down a little path that seems to lead to the land below the cliff.

You move on.



(Kindled Ardor)
ID: 051
Gender: Mare
B. Band: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Current Band:


The Valley


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