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Fire Trail

As you pick a careful way down the rocky path near the cliff, you hope like heck that you can keep your footing and not fall to your doom. On a few occasions, you slip and stumble down a bit, riding little mini-pebble slides for a few feet. Luckily, you never end up completely losing your balance.

As you near the bottom, you are quite thankful to the fact that your luck has held out. However, in typical ironic fashion, right as you think this, you lose your balance, pitching forward, and rolling the last twenty feet or so. You hope that there's no pointy rocks at the bottom that will bring you to an unpleasant stop, and your wish is granted. Instead of thudding to a halt, the end of the rough path down the side of the cliff dumps you into a rather cold pool of water.

Sputtering, you come to the surface of the water. Looking back at the path, you see that it leads right to the pool. Some place to end a path, you think with annoyance, as you go to pull yourself out of the pool.

When you turn to do so, you get a bit of a shock. Two curious creatures regard you from the edge.

They back away a bit, giving you room to haul yourself out of the water. As you attempt to dislodge some of the water dripping from you, the Mequis dart away, obviously expecting you to follow, which you do.

You move on.



Name: Miravia
Gender: Female
Species: Mequis

Name: Lakon
Gender: Male
Species: Mequis
From: The EverRealm


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