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Fire Trail

You journey through the bright cave, occasionally catching the small movement of rodents scurrying ahead on the sides of the path. For a while, though, you see no other creatures. The tunnel is fairly wide, probably big enough for three people to walk abreast, and the air stays fresh. It turns slightly from time to time, more of a gentle curve than anything, and you're content to follow it at a slightly lazy pace.

A mew and the sound of scurrying feet catches your attention, and you hasten ahead. On your left, the tunnel opens up into a open area, akin to castle walls opening onto a courtyard. In the little garden, the rain has stopped, though everything still drips. Plants thrive in the fairly large area, and there are flowers of every color.

Even as you inspect the flowers, you are being inspected. Three hunter cats inhabit this courtyard, each more striking than any other the flowers they dwell amongst.

Each cat is so unique; the patterns and horns and such are quite different than what you've seen so far. And the last one, so sparkly! You wonder how they came to be in this little 'courtyard' of the tunnel.

They soon go back to their feline doings, and you go on your way.



Name: Merrap
Gender: Male
Species: Hunter Cat

Name: Jerylla
Gender: Female
Species: Hunter Cat

Name: Fendag
Gender: Male
Species: Hunter Cat
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke