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Fire Trail

It seems you are not the only one looking to wait out the storm. The cave-mouth, a large, roughtly circular chamber in the silvery rock, contains a tiny horse, who peers up at you.

She shakes out her bright mane and whickers a greeting, before turning her attention back to the view beyond the vines hanging over the opening of the cave. You gaze in that direction as well. After a few minutes, the small unicorn gives a snort and turns away. She ambles over to one side of the chamber, and settles down on a pile of leaves, occasionally glancing your way.

You look around, and find that the path leading deeper into the tunnel is not dark, as you might have assumed. The particles in the air keeps it as bright as the rest of the air outside of the cave, and the only thing keeping you from seeing straight through the tunnel to the other side is the fact that it bends.

With one last smile directed at the small unicorn, you head down the tunnel.



Name: Miralle
Gender: Mare
Species: Mouse Paint
From: The Silver Unicorn


2001-03 Victoria Hanke