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Fire Trail

The day is lovely as you wander onwards. You inhale, smelling sweet flowers, and the sounds of the water to your right are pleasant. Occasionally, when you glance over at the steam, you can see a fish or two flitting through the silver-blue water.

You lose track of time as you walk, until a clap of what seems to be thunder startles you. The air doesn't dim any, but glances up, you can see gray clouds, and you feel the first drops. You get the feeling that the rain is going to be quite heavy, and you duck back into the shelter of the trees to try and find some shelter.

The canopy is thick, but as the rain suddenly bears down, you find yourself almost immediately soaking wet. You rush through the trees, eyes darting around, looking for roots and such that might trip you, as well as for a suitable shelter to stay in until this rain stops.

"Over here!"

The voice sounds rather gleeful, and you hurry in it's direction. You stop short at the edge of a little clearing, in which two leagii frolic, obviously enjoying the rain.

The pink one prances forward, giving a little shake to her wet fur, and sprinkling you with even more droplets. She laughs as you wince away from the water.

"Already wet enough, traveller?" Her eyes twinkle, and her companion steps over as well.

"Braeria, you forget... no one loves the rain as we do!" She laughs as well, her voice a bit deeper than the other.

"True enough," responds Braeria. "This is Ethirasa," she says, nodding to the light green leagus, who gives a little bow, water dripping from her horn. "Now, since you look as though you'd prefer to to be out of the rain, follow us."

You do just that. "How long will the rain last?" you ask.

Ethirasa glances up at the sky happily. "Hours! If we're lucky, the rest of the day!" She looks at you, laughing again at your face. "But worry not, traveller, you'll be dry, and you'll have enough to do to distract you from waiting out the rain."

"Indeed! And here we are," Braeria states. You have come to a cliff of sorts; facing you is a cave in the rock. Trailing vines with bright flowers drape over the ledges of the rock, and partially obscure the cave entrance.

"The tunnel goes on for quite a bit," Braeria says. "A few creatures inhabit it, so be considerate, and safe travels!" She prances around, eager to get back to dancing in the rain. Ethirasa bids you goodbye, and they race off through the trees as you turn to the tunnel.



Name: Braeria
Gender: Mare
Species: Leagus
Current Pri~erd:

Name: Ethirasa
Gender: Mare
Species: Leagus
From: The EverRealm


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