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Fire Trail

You wander along next to the little stream, as the air brightens considerably. As it's your second dawn here in this odd place, you are not suprised to notice that no sun graces the sky; the air is lit by tiny particles.

Birdsong increases with the light, and it's a pleasant morning. A small breeze in the trees, mixed with their shade, wards off the heat that you assume is radiating from the desert, which must still be nearby. The trees, you notice, retain a tropical look, but not overly so. Faint rainbows of colors shimmer off of the leaves.

You are so enraptured by the foliage that a chittering and the creature it comes from catches you off guard. In fact, there are two creatues.

It seems they'd been taking their morning drink when you came across them. You regard each other from across the stream. You wouldn't necessarily take the two of them to be natural companions, but you've seen odder.

After a few moments, you move on and they go back to drinking from the stream.



Name: Wylorel
Species: Dragon Whorling

Name: Aderel
Species: Bunny Whorling
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke