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Fire Trail

As it turns out, the oasis isn't quite just an oasis. It's a strip of fertile land that seems to run through the desert. Where it ends up, you haven't a guess, but the coolness of the air and the closeness of the trees are quite preferable to the sands.

Sounds from up ahead alert you to the presence of another. You peer through the semi-darkness, and see a flicker of lighter green against the dark outlines of the leaves. Speeding up, you try to catch up with whatever it is, but it's moving fairly quickly, and you lose sight of it. With a sigh, you slow down, hoping for another glimpse at some point.

You are rewarded. Coming upon a place where one tree grows in the middle of a little pool of water, a large feline sits, watching you.

She looks gentle, and her eyes stare into yours for a few moments. You walk over slowly, and cautiously run a hand across the poof of fur on her head. She doesn't seem to mind, so you repeat the motion for a few minutes; she's incredibly soft. Then, like cats seem to often do, she gets distracted by something scurrying through the trees, and she takes off in persuit.



Name: Treewhisper
Gender: Female
Species: Earthsong Tigon
Coloration: Forest
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke