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Fire Trail

You do believe that you can make out the form of trees up ahead, and you scramble on through the sand. Another oasis? It appears to be, and you hope that the occupant of this one might be a bit more friendly than the unicorn dwelling in the previous one.

Upon reaching it, you pass through the treeline carefully, eyes darting about for signs of life. Finally, a bit of brightness catches your eye in the dark, and a creature launches off of a branch towards you. You duck, but it only seems curious.

You duck, but the feline whorling only seems curious. She wings away, and you follow her to a shallow pool in the oasis. Across it, grooming himself on a rock, is a hunter cat, who also appears to be quite friendly.

The who don't seem to mind a bit when you stoop to get a proper drink from the pond, nor do they seem to care when you sit down to munch on some of the strange fruit that grows nearby. In fact, when you get up to leave, they almost look a bit sad to see you wander off. The winged one follows you through the trees for a bit, and then you're once again alone.



Name: Jerewia
Species: Feline Whorling

Name: Drilin
Gender: Male
Species: Hunter Cat
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke