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Fire Trail

The thick foliage on the trees prevents you from seeing too far ahead, so you try to rely on hearing to alert you to anything ahead. Pushing leaves out of the way, you start to think that the air is getting a bit brighter. Sunrise, perhaps?

The sound of water up ahead piques your curiosity. It's not another pond this time, that's for sure; the water is definitely running. Though... it doesn't sound like it's rushing.

When the close-growing trees finally open up, you find a small stream cutting through them. Directly on either side of the waterway, only grass grows. You step closer to the water. Without the closeness of the vegetation, you can definitely tell that it's getting a wee bit lighter.

Pounding hooves cause you to jump back, but looking in their direction, you can make out that the form is on the other bank of the stream. She halts in front of you, and with her seems to come a light.

Her appaloosa markings are like that of a fiery sunrise back in the world you knew, and you can't help but stare at her for the few seconds that she stands, fidgeting, in front of you. She says nothing, however, and leaps back into motion quickly, pounding away next to the stream.

Perhaps most peculiar is the light; now that she has passed you, everything is brighter, as if perhaps she did bring the sunrise with her.

You move on.



(Racing Sunrise)
ID: 256
Gender: Mare
B. Band: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Current Band:

The Valley


2001-02 Victoria Hanke