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Fire Trail

The path through the mist holds, and you are able to continue onwards without stumbling over the uneven ground. Light seems through the sparkling particles of air, and it seems to be getting brigher. Perhaps, you think, the mist is simply dispersing more.

Looking around as you walk, you decide that this must be the case. Wisps of the strange, unnatural fog are drifting farther and farther apart, and settling on the ground-- wait a moment. Mist can't settle on the ground, you think to yourself. You kneel, and touch what you thought had been a, well, puddle of mist. It is some sort of odd material, seemingly both liquid and solid, and refracts the light much like a crystal would. Looking ahead a bit, you see many more small patches, or puddles (as you can't decide if it's more solid or liquid) littering the ground. You stand, and walk forward again, curious about what the stuff is, and why it is here. And, of course, wondering why exactly there is so much mist.

The mass of mist suddenly seems to break open, and on either side and ahead of you are trees. The trees themselves are very odd; they shimmer blackly, as if made of some sort of stone. The leaves also look to be less plant-like, they are partially transparent; emerald and sage green, glinting in the thin light, lined with blue veins. Dripping in thin strands from the trees is more of the crystal-plasma material. It looks as though something exploded, spattering the entire area with the stuff.

The path, lined now with tiny, light green pebbles, weaves through the trees. You hit patches of thick mist here and there, but it fades away before you manage to lose yourself in it. However, as the path continues on, the patches get more and more frequent, and more and more thick.

As you walk forward, you also start to hear something; an odd, whistle-hum sort of sound. It grows louder, and you grow cautious, wondering what it is that makes this forest so... odd. Crystal-plasma is now dripping from nearly every tree-limb, and you're practically glowing, coated with the stuff. You hope weakly that it isn't harmful.

Quite abruptly, you take a step forward, out of another patch of mist, and find yourself on the edge of... well, you're not quite sure, but you are most definitely in awe. In front of you is a giant hole, a gap in the world. A whirlwind spins in the centor of it, and bits of the crystal-plasma whip off of it. The twist of silver-ish air is what causes the eerie sound, and it gives off light at well. The gap is huge, and commands all of your senses; it takes your entire will not to fall into the abyss that it creates.

"Traveller!" A voice calls from somewhere to your left, and you tear your gaze away from the magnificent sight of the whirlwind. You realize that it's Saturn. She makes her way to you, and drags you back into the trees and away from the edge of the abyss. With her are a pair of Wynds.

"The vortex," Saturn says simply, glancing back at where the whirlwind shimmers. "Not sure how it came to be, nor what it's purpose is... if there is one. Or if it's just some odd accident." She turns back to you, slight worry in her eyes. "I need to relocate the path to pass around it, as it used to pass through it." Her gaze brightens. For now, these two are helping me out with guiding visitors, as their meadows lay close to this area, and they do not mind it's oddness. May I introduce Dance of Violets," she guestures towards the lovely purple female, "and Glimps of Destiny..." with a wave of her hand towards the blue male.

The Wynds give small bows of their heads, and you return the courtesy.

"Now," Saturn continues, "I'll have them lead you to the safe path around the Vortex. Unless, of course, you would like to take your chances and enter the mist."


Into the Vortex


Name: Dance of Violets
Gender: Female
Species: Wynd of Change

Name: Glimpse of Destiny
Gender: Male
Species: Wynd of Change

Wynds are from The EverRealm.


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