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Fire Trail

You are in a large room. The windows are high up in the stone walls, and the floor is of a darkly veined marble. In front you stands a lion and a girl with long hair... in the oddest shade. It looks blond at first glance, but then you realize it's actually an odd greenish. The two of them watch you walk in, then the girl speaks.

"Hello, I'm Myrrh. I'm one of the human residents of Fire Trail. I'm here to show you around a bit, and get you started. Fire Trail is a bit confusing and it's fairly easy to get lost. There are two main areas... the wilderness where quite a few of the creatures live, and the cave complex that also serves as home to some. Aside from Saturn and I, there are also a few other humans living here and there."

She pauses and gestures behind her, to many doorways. "I'll start you off, but once you're on your own, be respectful. Don't attempt to take anything home with you, and don't anger any of the creatures. Most have pretty formidable defenses. So, where would you like to go? The wilderness, or the caves? Or, if you're looking for something specific, just see the list. It has pretty much everything and everyone on it."

The Wilderness
The Caves

Myrrh pauses again. "There's something else you might like to see. Follow me if you're curious..."


2001 Victoria Hanke