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Fire Trail

You reach a plateau of sorts, halfway up the mountain, with the blue-black-silver tigon still at your side. Awaiting you on the plateau are two more tigons. All three of them seem to be extremely friendly, and while the pinkish one watches you from where she lounges, the white one trots over to curiously sniff you.

You stay still as the white one sniffs at you, while the blue that had led you up makes her way over to the other female, and lays down as well. While they're all quite friendly-seeming, and you're pretty sure that the one that's currently examaning you is only inquisitive, you don't forget that they're a trio of rather large predators.

The white one seems to be finished, and looks up at you, prancing a bit in place, before joining his two lounging companions.



Name: Permafrosted Skies
Gender: Male
Species: Skydance Tigon
Coloration: Moonlight

Name: Bright Gloaming
Gender: Female
Species: Skydance Tigon
Coloration: Twilight
From: The EverRealm


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