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Fire Trail

Chardondra leads you through the trees, her red coloring making it easy to see where she goes. If you get too behind, as is easy to do, (she's small and can fit through undergrowth that you must go around) she waits for you.

At one such point, she pauses before going on. "Get ready for a bit of a scenery change," she says with a grin.

You follow her out of the trees, finding yourself directly in front of the sloping side of either a small mountain, or a large hill.

"If the Earthsong Tigons were indeed leading you anywhere," the Kiezo says, "it would probably be to here. I guess you can say that they... well, they sort of guard the base of the mountain." She grins. "Though the mountain itself has it's own set of guardians. Anyway... I must be off, so I'll let you begin your climb."

She vanishes back into the forest behind you, and you pick out the easiest path you can find, and begin climbing the mountain. You're a bit displeased to find that it's just as hard as the slope had been, and much, much, longer.

Ah, if only you had a pair of wings at the moment...

A shimmer and a flash catch your attention, and you glance over to find that you are not climbing the slope alone. A few yards away, a Skydance Tigon has landed. She matches your progress up the slope, looking over at you.

It seems that she's trying to lend a bit of moral support by climbing with you, instead of just flying up. Her energetic step makes you smile, and you work a bit harder at getting up the mountain, though you can't help but take a moment to stop and catch your breath, at the same time admiring her coloration and shining wings. And she doesn't seem to mind the attention; she preens a bit until you're ready to start climbing again.



Name: Shaded Currents
Gender: Female
Species: Skydance Tigon
Coloration: Midnight
From: The EverRealm


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