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Fire Trail

Following the tigon proves to be more difficult than you'd thought, thanks to her green-and-brown coloration. She vanishes almost immediately amongst the trees, and you lose sight of her, only to see her a minute later. In this manner, you manage to follow her for around ten minutes or so before you completely lose sight of her.

At that point, you feel quite lost. Looking around, you see nothing but the huge trunks of the trees around you, and the light that filters around you is dim. Your eyes scan the forest around you, as you try to decide a direction to take.

Nearby bushes rustle slightly, and you breath a sigh of relief. The tigon must be coming back to lead you on. But you're startled when a smaller red and black form emerges from the brush.

She stops short, seeming quite startled to see you there as well, but then recovers herself.

"Greetings..." she says, as you take in her pattern, horns, and extra limbs. "I am Chardondra. And I assume that you are lost?"

You reply that yes, you are, and that you were following a tigon.

"One of the tigons?" she replies. "Well, I wouldn't be certain that she was intentionally trying to lead you on." The kiezo shrugs her extra shoulders, a bit of a strange sight. "But if so, I can lead you just as easily to where she would have been going. Come."

You begin to follow the kiezo flit, a feat much easier than following the tigon.



Name: Chardondra
ID: 70f
Gender: Female
Species: Kiezo Flit
Mate: None
Birth Flight: Flight of the Planets
Parents: 17 (Tenlen) x18 (Zesp)
From: Kiezo Glade


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