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Fire Trail

You walk through one of the doors, through a windowless, torchlit hallway, and into another room. A red dragon greets you right away.

"I am Untried Ruby. Welcome to the webmistress' lair. Please, have a seat," he says, gesturing to the many comfortable looking chairs and couches. You choose one and have a seat. The dragon lets out a shrill wistle. After a few seconds, a girl with long brown and blue hair comes out of a room to your left.
"Hello, sorry to keep you waiting, I've been attempting to clean. Anyway, I'm Saturnalia, I run this place. This-", she gestures to the room you are in, "-is my personal space in Fire Trail. Here, you can find out a bit about me, in addition to a book list. I've decided that for some odd reason, people might want to know what books I've read... so, I decided I'd list them. But in any case, I've got creatures to tend to... sorry, I can't stay around and chat. Perhaps you'll see me a bit later though."

With that, she waves and walks out the door you'd come in. The red dragon rolls his eyes and goes back to his thinking.

About Saturn

"Other" name: Tory
Birthday: March 25, 1986
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Brown. Mostly. Subject to change...
Hair length: Long... about lower back length.
Personality traits: Odd, random, insane, fairly friendly.
Offline pets: 2 cats- Portia and Chester; 1 betta fish- Odyssey
Siblings: Brother, sister, and sister-in-law
Hobbies: Horseback riding, reading, drawing, writing, games & computer stuff
Favorite bands: Jamiroquai, Dandy Warhols, Savage Garden
Favorite movies: Newsies, The Matrix, Stargate, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Favorite t.v. shows: Whose Line is it Anyway, Spongebob, Animal Precinct, Emergency Vets
Favorite Broadway plays: Rocky Horror Live, Lion King
Favorite author: Mercedes Lackey
Favorite book: Either Magic's Price or the Black Gryphon, both by Mercedes Lackey
Favorite athlete: Apolo Anton Ohno (US Short Track Speedskater)
Favorite classes: Creative Writing
Favorite color: Teal
System of choice: Dreamcast
Favorite DC Game: Sonic Adventure 1
Favorite SA Character: Knuckles
Obsessions: Anything fantastical, the NY Ren Faire, horses, pretty weapons...

Tory|February 2002

Take a gander at the book list


Untried Ruby


2001 Victoria Hanke