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Fire Trail

You have not gone very far at all when movement on high catches your eye. Above the grass and the rocks is a darkly colored creature, and you wonder what it is. Shading your eyes, you peer up, and it begins a descent towards you.

It finally comes to land on one of the large rocks, and studies you curiously.

His blue eyes peer at you in a rather friendly manner, and a small carving on the rock tells you that his name is Eht. His bushy tail flicks back and forth, his blue eyes mirroring the clear sky above.

Movement must have caught his eye, as he suddenly looks away, staring intently at something beyond you. Just as abrubtly, he takes flight, winging towards whatever it was, and leaving you once again alone.



Name: Eht
Gender: Male
Species: Carhawox
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke