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Fire Trail

You manage to find your way to the end of the cave, and emerge. However, immediately upon stepping from the mouth of the cave, you find yourself surrounded by thick mist. You start walking, cautiously, hoping that you're on the path. You can't see more than an arm's length in front of your own face, which makes things very difficult.

Wingbeats can be heard approaching, after you've been wandering through the mists for a little while. You stop. You hope that whatever it is, it's coming to help you. Perhaps it's even Hawk, your former guide.

The sound of the wingbeats continue, and seem to be coming from somewhere directly ahead of you. The mist, you realize, seems to be dispersing a bit as well; you make out a figure ahead, beating its wings at the mist around it, in order to clear some of it so that you may better see. You start forward towards it, and it moves away a bit. You follow, and it moves away a bit more, still beating its wings. You realize that it-- she-- is leading you down a path through a mist. Peering, you make out her form more clearly as wisps of mist are pushed to the sides.

You walk a bit more, following the helpful unicorn. Finally, with one last wave of her wings, the path seems to be clear enough for you to manage on your own. She rocks back, and takes off into the iridescent fog above you.



(Hidden Flight)
ID: 22
Gender: Mare
Parentage: Unknown
Race: Sequanna Unicorn
Rant: Dra Lidayht Meddma


2001-03 Victoria Hanke