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Fire Trail

You wander onwards. The sandy, rocky terrain continues, and you are thankful that cliffs give shade to much of the path.

You are even more thankful when your ears pick up the sound of running water somewhere nearby. You could use a drink, and even with the shade, the air is a few degrees higher than you'd prefer it to be. You enter a small chasm passing between two walls of rock jutting from the ground, and when you emerge from the near-tunnel part of the path, the water is right in front of you.

It cascades over an outcropping of the tan rock, the waterfall being smaller than you, but a pretty sight all the same. In the brightness of the sun the water sparkles with a silver look. As you near it, in fact, it looks like pure silver, and once you reach the little stream, you aren't quite sure that it isn't, so reflective and smooth it is. You cautiously reach a hand in, and scoop up some of the sand that the water flows over. When you withdraw the hand from the water, you stare at the sandy substance. It definitely doesn't seem normal sand; it's more like tiny, faceted crystals. You let the water rinse your hand off, and marvel at the mirror-like illusion that the crystal-filled streambed gives the water.

After drinking your fill of the water, which happens to be extremely cool and refreshing, you continue on. The path follows alongside the stream. Your eyes scan ahead, travelling with the flow of the water, and you can make out something large and bright up ahead. You hurry towards it.

You reach your destination, and your eyes behold quite a magical sight. The stream meets up with others to form a small pond of sorts; the entire thing giving off that silver look. However, not much of the pond reflects the sun; shading most of it is a magnificent tree. The tree's bark is a dark, near-black shade of brown, but it's leaves are of every color imaginable. The top of it is quite bushy, and almost appears to be a solid mass of the multi-hued leaves. You stand amazed.

A whisper suddenly passes through the leaves, and seconds later, they part to reveal a small creature, which you realize is a Shocai!

She's smaller than most Shocai are, and rather colorful; she matches the tree quite well. She hovers, looking at you with her bright eyes, her wings fluttering quietly. After a few moments, she darts back up and into the canopy of her tree. You continue to stand for a moment, rather overwhelmed with such beautiful sights; the stream, the tree, and the pixie-like Shocai. Finally, you sadly decide that you must continue on away from the tree.



Name: Freya
ID: sh21
Gender: Female
Type: Faerie
Species: Shocai
From: GlassRain


2001-03 Victoria Hanke