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Fire Trail

The path snakes around and away from the bushes, into a rockier, harder terrain. Gray rocks become interspersed with rock of a tan color. Soon enough, the entire landscape seems to change to that tan color, save for the occasionally green shrub that shoots up from the sandy, gravelly ground. Periodically, a small gully runs alongside you, and the large boulders on either side eventually stretch up above you; small cliffs. Occasionally, there are areas with smaller "plateaus" of sorts, which you could hoist yourself up onto if you so choose. Overall, around the path you still walk down, the land around you seems to have many levels and tiers of the orangy-yellow rock.

As you approach one of the lower shelves of rock, you decide to climb up to get a better view. You hoist yourself onto it, and sit for a moment before looking around. The level of rock you are on isn't nearly tall enough to give you much of a view, and on one side, a higher wall of rock shoots up. However, in the wall is a cave. You freeze, as you realize that staring out at you from the cave are eyes.

The eyes close and a laugh is heard, and then the creature emerges. You are quite relieved to see that it's a Kiezo Flit, and a friendly-looking one, at that. Though he definitely looks amused at your initial reaction to realizing you weren't alone.

"Hmm, it's cooled down considerably out here, hasn't it, stranger?" It-- he-- speaks. "Though, I guess it's been cool since you arrived on this fragment of Kiezo territory; you couldn't have been walking through my land long enough to feel the extent of the midday heat." He pauses. "In any case, I am Rashwe, which means trouble." He smiles, eyes a bit narrowed, and you can see that he definitely has a mischievous side. "And you are?"

You state your name, while studying the Kiezo. His splotches are lighter than the rock around the two of you, and his light coloring reflects the sun into your eyes. You find yourself needing to look away.

Rashwe yawns, and turns away from you. "Well, be on your way." He walks to the nearby cliff, and begins climbing, using small footholds in the rock. "And watch out for the sand snakes, quite dangerous." He pauses in his climbing, looking back to give you a rather serious look. You watch him, shading your eyes with a hand as you peer upwards. "Wouldn't want to be bitten by one of them, I doubt anyone would find you in time to be of any help to you. Very poisonous, they are." He looks back upwards at the top of the rock wall, his destination, and resumes climbing. Soon enough, though, he pauses once more, looking down at you. "Though... you should really be worried about Anura. She's much, much more dangerous than any sand snake, she could strangle you before you even knew she'd snuck up behind you! Fierce temper, that one has. Quite deadly." He once again continues climbing. "Have fun!"

Before you can say anything, he vanishes over the top of the ledge. You nervously return to the path.



Name: Rashwe
ID: 55m
Gender: Male
Species: Kiezo Flit
Mate: None
Birth Flight: Unknown
From: Kiezo Glade


2001-03 Victoria Hanke