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Fire Trail

You make your way along the path, and find the bushes the Tyshiri had referred to. The berries are a shimmery blue-green color, and you try one cautiously. It's quite tasty, and you waste no time in popping more of the small berries into your mouth. And just as Mostyn had said, the berries do indeed seem to be granting you a bit more energy; you're starting to feel as if you just started your journey, instead of feeling like you've been on the path for days.

A small jingle catches your attention, and you turn around. There's nothing behind you, and the air is once again silent. You turn back to the bush and select another handful of the plentiful berries. The jingle is heard again, this time from somewhere off to your right. You look, but once again, see nothing. It's quite possible that there's a creature hiding somewhere in the thick bushes, though.

Before you turn back to the bush again, you notice the small flutter of parchment on a nearby tree. You make your way over to it, and still popping berries into your mouth, read what it says...

Name: Afzal
ID: sh17
Gender: Male
Type: Jester
Species: Shocai
From: GlassRain

As you finish reading it, the sound of rustling leaves, bells, and a small thud is heard. You whirl around, and in front of you is the creature who must be Afzal.

Afzal watches you for a moment, his tail in constant motion, and his ears flicking around. He doesn't seem to be able to keep still for long, though, and soon darts towards you, and proceeds to run around you in circles. After the fifth time, he makes a flying leap and vanishes back into the bushes.

You shake your head amusedly and decide to continue onwards.




2001-03 Victoria Hanke