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Fire Trail

Leaving the dragon's valley, you find that the path doesn't climb too steeply. That's a good thing, as you're definitely feeling the strain in your body from traveling so far. For a moment, you realize that you've completely lost track of time, and you can't even really remember how long it's been since you left the manor and took to the path.

Once you reach the top, you take a moment to look behind you at the valley. In a sunny area of grass, you can make out a patch of blue that you assume to be the dragon. You turn away, feeling exposed at the high vantage point, and walk onwards.

Before long, a piercing cry is heard and you instinctively duck. Something drops down from the sky and lands besides you, and you maintain the faint hope that it's Hawk, your former Frondari guide, and not some winged predator. When you uncover your eyes, however, you find that it is neither.

It's another Tyshiri, this time, a stallion. He introduces himself as Mostyn. You give your name in response.

"If you are hungry," he says, noting your slightly worn look, "there are some bushes up ahead with berries that might give you a bit more energy." You thank him, and prepare to head off in that direction. However, before you do, something catches your eye...

Before Mostyn can leave, you call out to him. "What are these?" you ask. He turns to where you are pointing.

"Ah," he says, with a proud grin of his beak. "They are orbs, received for completing Mina's challenges."

You blink, confused.

"Perhaps if you come back at some point in the future I can tell you more," he says, as he spreads his wings once more. Within seconds, he has vanished into the sky.

Name: Mostyn
Gender: Stallion
Age: Adult
Parents: Bienj'Meian x Abrial
Species: Tyshiri
From: The Tyshiri Agency
Baby picture:

After looking at a nearby piece of parchment, you decide to continue on to those bushes.




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