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Fire Trail

"We are nearly to the next safe point," Hawk Facing Vicious Storm says. A small, relieved sigh escapes your lips; you are quite in need of the rest. You have been following your guide for quite a while now.

The snowy landscape around you is slowly fading, as is the light. You look around, slightly confused. You would have thought the snow would increase as you went upwards, not decrease as it is doing. There has to be a reason, you think, and you wonder what that reason might be.

Suddenly, you come over a ridge, and a small, steep cliff overlooks a tiny valley below. The valley itself is verdant and green, and is a striking contrast to the grey of the rocks around it. Very odd, you think, but you don't have time to stare for too long.

"Follow the path leading through the valley," Hawk says. "You'll be safe enough in her territory... fear not. Keep on your guard, though, and remember manners." He looks at your confused face, and manages a small smile of sorts. " I cannot walk with you through this valley. Perhaps we shall meet again."

With that, he abruptly spreads his wings and launches himself into the air, leaving you staring after him, eyes widening at the sudden departure. As he vanishes beyond rocky outcroppings that reach into the sky, you return your gaze to the valley in front of you. At least it looks to be a pleasant walk, you think, and start carefully down the steep path that leads into the green grasses.

Upon reaching the valley floor, you find your legs to be aching from the strain of descending without slipping or sliding. You walk for a small period of time, then stop, and sink down onto a mossy patch of ground in a patch of far-spaced trees. You hope belatedly that this is the safe area; you hadn't the chance to ask Hawk. Either way, you need the rest, and you doubt very much that you could climb the path at the other end of the small valley without stopping for a bit.

You aren't sure how long you've been sitting there, when out of seemingly nowhere a wind rises, accompanied by the sound of wings. You look up and around, seeing nothing at first. The wind stops, though, at the same time that you hear a slight thump, and you realize whatever it is must have landed.

You get quickly to your feet, and just as you do, you spot the creature. A magnificent dragon walks slowly through the gaps in the trees, her movements liquid. She heads straight in your direction, and soon you are face to face with her.

Emerald eyes stare into your own, but your gaze is drawn by the movement of the dragon's tail, as she lashes it to the side. You look back to her face quickly, and before you can do or say anything, she speaks.

"I am Querryth," she says. Her voice is not cold, but neither is in warm. "Stay and rest if you need to, but do not overstay your welcome." This being said, she walks onwards, passing you as she does so. You sink back onto the ground, slightly shaky not from your legs, this time, but from the encounter.

Quite soon, you decide it might be a good idea to take your leave of the dragon's valley.



ID: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Ikarian Dragon


2001-03 Victoria Hanke