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Fire Trail

The path winds upwards, occasionally through patches of trees, sometimes just through scruffy mountain shrubs. The air is growing slightly thinner, and a bit colder as well.

Soon enough, a light dusting of snow coats the ground you carefully tread over. The amount of snow builds, but luckily for you, it never seems to get cold enough to actually cause you harm.

"The safe zone is close," Hawk says. "First, we will pass through Kartyn'dryosose territory."

"Huh?" Your confusion is quite evident in your reply.

Hawk makes no reply, and you focus on following him up the ever-steeper path. Finally, the land levels out for a bit. Looking ahead, you behold an oddly beautiful sight. There are various smallish snow-caverns and what look to be tunnels through the snow, which is now quite high. The path you are on is kept packed down, and circles around the 'playground' in the snow. You follow Hawk to where your path intercepts the path coming out of one of the caves of snow. Hawk instructs you to carefully and quietly look into the cave, and you do.

It takes you a minute to pick out the kitten against the white snow. She's sleeping quite soundly, and you step back for a moment, not wanting to disturb her.

Tacked to a frosty tree nearby is a seemingly-weatherproof piece of parchment.

Gender: Female
Parents: Angelsong and Heartmark
From: Forest of the Kartyn'dryosose




2001-03 Victoria Hanke