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Fire Trail

Saturn accompanies you onwards, and you make your way farther along the path. As you walk, Saturn tells you of the next territory.

"This land is home to a creature called an A'savin," she begins. "And not just any A'savin, but a rather festive one... well, you'll see. I'm sure he will enjoy seeing a new face around here."

You are rather eager to meet this new creature, and you try to peer through the trees. You think you can make out the green of a meadow, or some such thing.

You soon reach the spot where the trees open up, and you come upon the good-natured creature. He is green, winged, horned, and lounging quite happily in a field of clover.

He tilts his head back to look at the two of you, and calls out a cheerful greeting.

"Hello, visitor. My name is Shamrock's Spirit. And how are you today?"

You reply that you are fine.

"Shamrock has a knack for finding shamrocks hidden here in the meadow,"Saturn says, and the little A'savin beams a smile. He then turns his head to the side, looking through the clover around him. After a few minutes, he stretches out his neck a bit, and without rolling over to his stomach, he plucks out a stem of clover from nearby.

"For you," he says, offering you a four-leafed clover.

You thank Shamrock, and spend a bit more time talking with him in the meadow before moving on.




Name: Shamrock's Spirit
Gender: Stallion
Species: A'savin
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