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Fire Trail

Continuing along the path, you find yourself descending quite rapidly. The trees around you have become more unique, the bark often taking on a slightly purple-ish hue. Bushes along the path grow brightly colored flowers, as well as berries, but you refrain from eating any, unsure whether they are harmful or not.

Birds call from every tree, it seems, and you feel as though you've stepped into another land. This place is becoming less like the normal forests you are used to, and more like some magic land from a dream.

Finally, as if to reinforce the dream-like quality, you come to a clearing in which a faintly-greenish portal shimmers, aloft and in midair. You stop in front of it, a bit unsure. Seconds later, a girl seems to be launched through it, and you step back quickly. Not all that surprising- the girl is Saturn. She seems to be carrying, well, a rather large, chocolate, double-layered cake.

"Hello," she greets you, cheerfully. "Come! I'm taking this to Eilam and Alasdair."

"Eilam? Alasdair?" you inquire.

"They're both Kiezo Flits, and they rather loves sweet things. Eilam in particular. You'll see."

Indeed, you soon see the sparkle of water up ahead. You find yourself in front of a small lake, but it's definitely too big to be a pond. You look around for a creature, but see nothing. Suddenly, something dives from the branches above you. Glancing over, you see only a blue streak, but the cake is now gone fron Saturn's hands. Saturn points to your left, laughing, and you see a blue winged creature consuming the cake.

"May I present to you... Eilam. The name means 'eternal' but he leans more towards 'eternally hungry'... hey, save some for Alasdair!"

The flit looks up, as he finishes chewing the last bite of cake. He stretches out, smiling widely and closing his eyes happily for a second.

"'Ello, visitor! Indeed, I am Eilam! And who are you?"

You introduce yourself, and Eilam waves his tail at you. "A pleasure," he says, as Saturn retrieves the dish the cake had been on. He'd consumed the whole thing! "Thank you for that," he says to her, still smiling brightly. "Quite tasty."

Saturn rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "You'll eat anything that takes more than a pinch of sugar to make, won't you?"

"Indeed!" The flit looks quite content.

"Where's Alasdair, anyway?" Saturn looks around.

"Hrm, dunno!" Eilam points his head up the the sky, and you wince a little when he yells. "Alllllllasssdaiiiiiiiiiir! Viiiiiiiisitoooooooor!"

Eilam looks back to you, grinning, as another Flit ambles out of the underbrush. He sits, looking at you, and you take in his interesting coloring, and the fact that he has an extra set of muscular limbs.

"I brought cake, but Eilam ate it all," Saturn says.

The other Flit, Alasdair, rolls his eyes. "Why doesn't that surprise me?" His voice is deeper than Eilam's, which fits him. "In any case, good day, visitor. Pleasure to meet you."

You return the greeting, and Alasdair nods and ambles over to a shady patch of grass to lie down in.

Before you go, Saturn points out the stats, and the portal back to the Kiezo's land of origin.

Name: Eilam
ID: 19m
Gender: Male
Species: Kiezo Flit
Mate: Miriel
Flight: Flight of the Planets
From: Kiezo Glade

Name: Alasdair
ID: 37m
Gender: Male
Species: Kiezo Flit
Mate: None
Flight: None
From: Kiezo Glade

You move on.




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