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Fire Trail

Venturing onwards from the cliff, you find yourself climbing upwards, and you wonder how far up you will be going. The path is lined with trees growing quite close together, and winds back and forth, getting more and more steep. At times, it almost seems to be like stairs, and you find yourself grabbing thick branches to steady yourself while ascending.

Finally, you reach what you take to be the top. The ground flattens out; you seem to be on a large, grassy plateau. In front of you is a sign, which reads "Crystal Unicorns". Trees line the edges of the plateau, and flowers blossom here and there, adding to the color. However, the bright flowers haven't caught your attention- there are two beautiful pinto unicorns.


You stand still, admiring the hues of of the first unicorn's coat. She seems to be dancing. When you listen carefully, you can almost hear melodies in the wind. Your gaze then shifts to the second unicorn, who stares back at you. His white, purple and brown hair floats away from him in the wind. After a few seconds, he turns to the other unicorn.

"Mother, we have company."

The mare pauses in her dance, looking over at you, before prancing closer.

"Greetings, visitor," she says clearly. "I am Bresi'Una, which means Undying Fate in your tongue. I am a Crystal Unicorn. This," she guestures back to where the other unicorn still stands, "is Zeren'Kha, one of my sons. His name means Shattered Mirage."

You introduce yourself, and Bresi'Una continues.

"If you would like you may get to a few other lands from here. You can find a portal to our land of origin, as well as the band I am in. They are over there." She tosses her head towards the other side of the clearning. "We thank you for visiting us. Do come back!"

Bresi'Una tosses her head again, and trots away, Zeren'Kha following, with one last glance back at you. They vanish out of your sight and off the plateau, onto an unseen path to the left.

You walk across the plateau to the other side, but before reaching the path, you stop to look at a piece of paper fluttering from a tree.

(Undying Fate)
ID: 154
Gender: Mare
B. Band: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Current Band: Llashi's'Zualla
-186, Zzala'Daziee
-188, Sourie'Vel
-189, Kliy'Rzira
-190, Zeren'Kha
-196, Triz'Leirn
-436, Verinda'shaus
-543, Dalli'myan

(Shattered Mirage)
ID: 190
Gender: Stallion
B. Band: Llashi's'Zualla
Parents: 069 (Celidi'Keleb) x 154 (Bresi'Una)
Current Band: Kliy'Zren
-229, Biir'tri'kalla'Gara

You move on.



Crystal Unicorns
are from
The Valley


2001-02 Victoria Hanke