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Fire Trail

You leave the Felcan clearing and wander onwards. Once again, you meet nothing for a very long time, but you figure that's to be expected. A Felcan must need a fairly large hunting ground, and it would make sense to keep other adopted creatures far from harm.

Finally, the woods thin out a bit, and a small stream seems to signify the ending of the Felcan territory. You eagerly look around for a new creature to meet, and are surprised when a short, thin girl of about nine or so suddenly drops from a tree branch above you.

"Hello, traveler." The girl's voice is deeper than you'd expect a nine-year-old's to be, and you wonder if perhaps she isn't fully human. Her ears do look a bit pointed. In fact, she doesn't really look quite that young after all. She's just, well, short...

"I am Keri, and this," -she guestures to the forest around you- "is where I live. I prefer the freedom of nature to the constraints of what you might call civilized living. And so, Saturn has granted me the use of this section of forest."

You absorb all that, and Keri signals to walk. She strides alongside you, quite a bit shorter. "I look after a few creatures here in the forest. I will introduce you to some of them.

As if on cue, a winged, purple creature darts towards the two of you through the canopy.

"This is Arnod. He is a Zaro, and comes from a place called Phanta." Keri stops, and points towards a portal up ahead, off to the side of the path. "Zaros are flying mammals who help to pollinate, and feed on nectar and other such things."

The Zaro circles the two of you before flitting off through the woods once again.

"Shall we continue?" Keri asks.





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