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Fire Trail

You walk along the path, once again enjoying the breeze and the peacefulness of the atmosphere. Every now and then you hear a birdcall, and occasionally you see a colorful bird winging through the canopy at a distance from you.

You continue to walk for quite some time, wondering what the next creature you meet will be like. Will it be another unicorn? Or a gryphon, perhaps? Maybe it will be another of the rather intimidating predators that Saturnalia seems quite fond of...

However, you have been walking for quite some time, and there's still no sign of life. Maybe the creature is off somewhere, doing something. Or maybe there aren't any more creatures to meet... and maybe this path just goes on forever, and ever, and ever, and...

You see a clearing, and pick up the pace a bit. Perhaps whatever there is to meet lives there?

Upon reaching the clearing, you find it to be empty. However, directly in front of you, on the far side of the clearing, is a collection of large rocks jutting out of the ground. The path curves around it to the right, but you think you see something on one rock. Is it a piece of paper?

You walk foward. Suddenly, you hear a voice from behind the rock.

"Erew Pech, grerr! Don't harm the..."

A small form hurtles over the rocks, coming straight at you. As whatever it is crashes into your torso and you fall backwards, a larger form leaps over the rocks.

"...visitor." The larger form finishes his sentance, and plucks the smaller one off of you.

You stand up slowly, dusting yourself off, and turn towards the two creatures. The small one is obviously a youngster, striped and winged. The older of the two has the coloring of a cheetah, but an oddly reptilian look about him.

"My apologies," he says, as the little one just stares at you. "I am Nemau Fetos, which in English means Poision Teeth. This is Erew Pech, or Red Cloud in your tongue. We are Felcan."

You accept Nemau's apology, though you notice that when he glances down at Erew, he looks rather proud. "Erew has recently come to live here from the Nameless Forest, and both her parents are in the Pack of the Frozen Sky. Saturn has put me in charge of keeping her out of trouble."

The little one continues to stare at you. It's a bit unnerving. You turn back to Nemau, who smiles... a disturbing effect for such a creature, with all his sharp teeth. He seems amused at your discomfort.

Finally, Nemau gestures to the paper you had originally noticed. "Those are our genetics, feel free to have a look at them." With that, he pointedly turns to Erew, who finally looks away from you, with a small sigh. She starts to follow Nemau away from you towards the side of one clearing, but turns back once more. She narrows her eyes at you, as Nemau pauses and looks back at her. She glances at him, and back to you. The older Felcan is definitely influencing the younger, as she then breaks out in a similar disturbing grin. She then turns away, and promptly pounces on Nemau's tail. As you start looking over the genetics, you can hear the odd sound of him laughing...

Name: Nemau Fetos (Poison Teeth)
Rank: Loner
Gender: Male
Parentage: Unknown
Head: Fm
Ears: CC/ss
Mane: A#Ns
Horns: NN
Wings: NN
Front Legs: cc
Back Legs: cc
Tail: A#dm
Coat Type: Ct
Snow Coat: NN
Animal: RL/aS (komodo dragon)

Name: Erew Pech (Red Cloud)
Rank: Cub
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wrere Inis X Kemira Arraru
Head: Fc
Ears: Cf/ss
Mane: Ns
Horns: A#NN
Wings: A#NN
Front Legs: Fc
Back Legs: Fc
Tail: Wl
Coat Type: tl
Snow Coat: Sf
Animal: BR/ib (red-tailed hawk)

You notice a portal.
The Nameless Forest

There is also a story about Nemau, if you would like to read it.

You continue onwards...




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