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Fire Trail

The forest closes is on you, shimmering green leaves fluttering slightly in the breeze. The forest seems so perfect, so safe. So far, the only risk you've faced has been the more dangerous inhabitants, and Saturn had assured you they wouldn't harm you.

The scene you come across only makes you feel more at ease. The forest abrubtly opens up into a meadow, in which a small herd of unicorns graze- a mare and her foal, a stallion, another mare, and a younger stallion. They look up when you enter their meadow.

They seem rather friendly and playful. The foal frolicks around you, while the white mare watches. The younger stallion approaches you, sniffing your outstretched hand, and the dark mare soon follows. She sniffs your hand, then your pockets, looking for treats of some sort. The older stallion, who seems to be in charge, simply watches from a little distance away, his head cocked slightly to the side.

Nameplates attached to a nearby tree lets you know who is who...

Tiarnach - gray and white lead stallion
Ravelin - purple, tan, and white stallion
Ailis - white and gold mare
Daigh - red, brown, and white foal
Aedammair - brown, black and white mare

After spending some time with the unicorns, you figure it would be best to move on. The foal follows you to the other side of the meadow, nudges you with his small muzzle, and then runs back towards the rest of the unicorns. You find the path back into the trees.

You continue onwards...



Ravelin, Tiarnach, Daigh, and Ailis
The Nameless Forest


2001-02 Victoria Hanke