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Fire Trail

Your walk down the path continues, and the trees pass by in a myriad of strange colors. The pulse of the light, which still seems to be emitted from particles within the air, is constant, its pace calm. You enjoy the strangeness of the land around you.

A strange sound echos as you step into a path of deep shadow along the path. It seems as though you have crossed some boundary, and the sound only serves to accent the slight vibration that shivers through your limbs. You pause, but both the hum and the tingling fade, and you move on.

The path here is lined with what appears to be a fence of silvery blue tree limbs. THe fence stays with the path, winding in and out of the trees, and you occasionally brush a hand along the smooth wood as you wonder ever onwards.

When the trees open up, you find that you have a rather splendid view of beautiful, pale gold mountains. The cliffs are actually quite close, and shimmer in the odd glow of the peculiar lighting. However, your attention is drawn more immediately to what's directly in front of you.

Small dwellings, bowl-shaped and constructed of the same interwoven silver-blue branches as the fence, dot the meadow you stand at the edge of. The doorways are quite large and arch gently at the top. Peering into one of the dwellings, you find the floor of it to be covered in luxurious straw. The dwellings seem to be individual stalls of some sort.

As if to confirm this thought, you hear a snort from behind you. Turning, you find that a little stallion stands there, glaring a bit, and you realize that it's probably his home that you are peering into. You move away to allow the stallion room to enter, and as you do this, you notice a name-stone next to the dwelling. It reads, Dreamshard. Allowing yourself one more glance in, you see that the stallion is now resting comfortably on the straw within.

You assume that the stallion is not alone, and you are correct. Following the path, you come to the next of the dwellings. Though there is nothing inside, you see that beyond it romps a most unusual dragon-winged mare. Her name-stone reads, Sunreach.

A bit farther on, one more stallion frolics, racing past his dwelling and into the fields beyond. The name-stone near his abode reads Lifespeed.

You watch the last gallop off, and then move on towards the mountains.



ID: 057
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Notes: draconic wings, paint markings

ID: 059
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Notes: unicorn trait, feathered hooves

ID: 060
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Notes: Unicorn trait, tufted tail, cloven hooves
From: The Enchanted Grove


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