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Fire Trail

The foliage around you seems to be loosing its color. Both the bark and the leaves of the trees are getting more and more pale, until finally, you walk through a land of white and crystal. The temperature decreases slightly.

The path bisects clearings now and then, and you find them to be quite peculiar. Coating the white grass are tiny, shimmering bits, much akin to iridescent glitter. However, each miniscule crystal appeared to glow with its own light, adding to the natural glow that the air itself contains. The tiny crystals on the glass pulse, and each little clearing induces an extremely ethereal feel.

When wandering through one of the clearings, you nearly miss the creature it contains. She is resting off to the side, and like everything around her, is mostly white. A tinge of purple occasionally ripples across her.

You recognize her as a Rackon. Though she looks at you from the corner of her eye, she makes no movement. It seems to be an informal stare down of sorts, but after a few minutes, you decide that perhaps it is best you move on and leave her to continue her resting or whatnot.



Name - Arizeno'Tin
Translation - Blizzard Watcher
Gender - Mare
Age - Adult
Sire - Wild
Dam - Wild
Species - Rackon
Body Type: L L
Horn Type: p p
Gender: X Y
Coat Pattern: N N
Notes - She's an odd white color, not albino but still just as rare. Her fur is tinted purple but it only shows up when the light hits her fur just right.
From: The Enchanted Forest


2001-03 Victoria Hanke