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Fire Trail

Wandering along, you wonder if you'll get another glimpse of the small, colorful stallion that had flittered off before. Your eyes dart around, seeking out a flash of blues and pinks, but you see none.

When you're about to give up, you spot something. Not the colors of the stallion, but a similar shape... the small mare nears you, and you get a better look.

She perches on a branch, seeming to prance a bit in your presence. Her draconic wings, the hoop through her ear, and a look in her eye gives the mare a distinctly wilder look than the other Sequanna Unicorns you've come across, and though she's small, she seems to demand a sort of respect.

After a few minutes, her wings flare out, and she is gone.



(Restrained Storm)
ID: 48
Gender: Mare
Parentage: Unknown
Race: Sequanna Unicorn
Rant: Hapimy


2001-03 Victoria Hanke