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Fire Trail

The path, still wandering to and fro, takes a dive into the forest, then back out and onto the sand again, as if unwilling to dedicate itself solely to the trees. However, soon enough, it takes another turn and you find yourself walking under the boughs. This time, instead of heading back towards the beach, the path keeps on going deeper into the forest.

It isn't as dark under the canopy as it would be in your land, as the light still seems to be gathering form the air itself. However, certain patches are brighter than others, as if more light particles simply prefer to be gathering there. At one point, you even come across a blue flower, aglow with a shifting, pulsating sort of light. Definitely an odd place, you think to yourself, but a beautiful one as well.

The flora is not the only beauty to be found. You spot movement through the trees, and upon entering a clearing, you stop. Across from you is a small winged unicorn stallion, his entire being lit up by the odd light particles.

Upon seeing you, he rears, joyfully tossing his mane and fluttering his butterfly wings. Coming back to the ground, he prances, his full tail sweeping back and forth. And then, with one more great motion, he launches himself into the air, and disappears up through the canopy, the light that had been centered around him dissipating as he departs.



(Breeze Born)
ID: 41
Gender: Stallion
Parentage: 16x12
Rant: Celestial Reverie
Race: Sequanna Unicorn


2001-03 Victoria Hanke