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Fire Trail

The path seems to be indecisive, and swerves around, first towards the treeline, then back towards the ocean, then towards the trees, back to the ocean, to the trees, ocean, trees, ocean... for a good distance ahead, the silver path that cuts through the soft beach sand wavers back and forth, seemingly as undecided as the make-up of the land itself. Quite a random place, you think to yourself, though for the most part, you have grown accustomed to the contrast of a forest only a handful of yards away from the slight rise of the beach's dunes.

The thudding of hooves ahead of you brings your attention to two forms headed your way. In build, they are not unfamilar, you take them to by Wynds of Change.

"Newcomer!" the cream-colored Wynd greets you. "Welcome!" Her voice is definitely feminine.

"Aye, glad to see a new face around here," the other says, his voice as deeply rich as his earth-toned coloration. "I am Flicker of Secrecy." He inclines his head slightly.

"And I am Entanglement of Vines," the first says, fluttering her wings slightly. "Have you traveled far?"

"Yes," you reply. You tell them that you haven't been in this odd area of the vortex for very long, though.

"Ah," Secrecy says. "Yes, not many have gone too far into these lands as of yet. Quite unique they are, though, from what I've seen."

"If you hadn't already noticed that," Entanglement adds. "Takes some getting used to for most people, but we like it just fine."

"Indeed, we do. However," Secrecy paws at the sand a bit, "I think we should be getting back to our run."

"Yes," Entanglement laughs. "I've too much energy this morning to simply stand about. Safe travels, stranger!"

With that, the two winds turn and run off, kicking up sand in their wake.



Name: Entanglement of Vines
Gender: Female
Species: Wynd of Change

Name: Flicker of Secrecy
Gender: Male
Species: Wynd of Change
From: The EverRealm


2001-03 Victoria Hanke