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Fire Trail

You depart from the rock wall that reaches into the ocean, and return to walking along the beach. The land on the side opposite the water smooths out, and as your eyes scan ahead, they find a very intriguing sight.

A line of shrubs is beginning, but it is much different from anything you'd expect. The first line of vegetation to the left of you is a line of short flowers, multi-hued and reflecting the blue-hued light oddly as they waver in a slight breeze. Beyond them are miniature trees; the trunks twist and curve around each other. Beyond those trees are larger bushes, followed by a line of tall, blue and purple flowers. After the flowers true trees begin, also seeming to be placed in some kind of height order. You wonder whether this tiered effect is natural or had been planted at some point... though besides the height-order placement, the flora looks rather random.

A path curves closer to the trees, and you walk along it. The silvery shimmer of the narrow road between your feet increases as the light around you does the same, and once more, you wonder where the source of the light in this odd place is. No sun seems to hover above; the illumination seems more like a glow that originates from the air itself. Very, very odd.

Your focus shifts away from the land as you notice a figure wandering through the foliage. It's a Naa, and a very pretty one at that.

She seems shy, so you don't get too close. Her coloration brightens with the air, and you are able to make out the feathers adorning her. You also notice something else... she isn't quite walking on the ground, but only lightly skimming it.

Sooner than you would have liked, she disappears into more dense foliage.



Name: Laleyly Ma'lin
Translation: Rising Tranquility
ID: naa139
Gender: Female
Element: Dawn
Type: 2B
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Genetics: A,b
Notes: A sub-Sun, this Naa has a bright and colourful colouration. She has a strange mutation of feathered wings on her hindquarters! She keeps her tail braided to avoid confining the movement of her wings. While she cannot fly with them, her jewlery has the feathers of a phoenix, which allows her flight!
From: Hawkings Crest


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